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Brain reacts to fairness

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Some self assessment tools


No matter where you are at the moment, if you are reading this you are part of the human race and interact with others. This inevitably means you run up against difference, not all of which is confortable.

If you are interested in getting a better idea of why friction seems to just happen with some of your co-workers (or partner!), there are a number of "ranges" in normal habitual response you can think about. For example, one range has "detailed planning" at one end and "spontaneous" at the other end. Where do you sit? Where does the person who you are not getting along with sit? When it comes to your attitude to child rearing, are you most comfortable setting rules, or (at the other end of the range) do you favour few, if any rules? There is no "right" or "wrong", just normal human variation. Here is the link.

Self-assessment tools are ways of increasing awareness of how we deal with these differences if they become"uncomfortable". The three tools below come from Canada and apply just as well here in New Zealand.

Conflict Resilience
This little questionaire helps us figure out how well we survive in the aftermath of a conflict. Have a look.

Conflict Intelligence
This self-assessment helps us figure out how skillfully we currently handle conflict. Here.

Conflict Management Coaching Readiness
Conflict coaching is all about improving and enhancing the way we handle those uncomfortable differences. See if coaching might work for you here.

This is the link to the site in Canada these come from.

Here are some useful questions to assist in thinking about how we listen. There are no "right" answers, and nobody is checking or marking - the questions are to stimulate thinking. You are welcome to download these and print them out.

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