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Brain reacts to fairness

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Cartoons and illusions

"A picture is worth a hundred words"


Good to remember these....

and this one.....

I like illusions: look at this picture of a window:

Pretty obviously opening out? Now look at this one:

No doubt that is opening in! And finally put them together:

Fascinating to watch our expectations as we run our eyes up and down the window.....

Try it again with the dice:

Pretty clearly flat on the floor, right?

And these ones?

Just as obviously vertically stacked to the right?

But put them together and....

ooh, a bit unsettling, isn't it, when our expectations are disturbed.....


And this one....

is even more strange - even after we have held up a bit of paper to the computer screen and seen for ourselves that the lines are all dead straight, can we see them as straight without the paper?

And this is one I never get tired of:

Anyone NOT see a white triangle?

We are hard wired to "fill in the gaps" but unfortunately this can get us into trouble - no matter how clearly we see that white triangle, it is not "really there" - it does not have any physical reality, it is something we have made up ourselves and imposed on the situation......something we are all very good at, especially when it comes to the actions of others.

One last one to consider:

What about that rectangle in the middle - for sure it varies from left to right in intensity / degree of greyness doesn't it? Check it out for yourself - cover up everything except the rectangle and now what do you see?


Of all the things that could be said about these visual illusions, for me the single most significant thing is the way they appear differently from different points of view.

In any dispute, the chances are high that our prefered solution involves others seeing things differently - more like we see them, ideally, they should realise we are right!

Another way to look at this (perfectly understandable) idea is to come up with a simple definition of consensus, or harmony - a definition we can be fairly confident each individual in any situation will agree with:

"Consensus (or harmony) is when the others all agree with me"

In my experience it is useful in any dispute to recognise this is something we all have in common - expectations of each other. Each of us want the other(s) to change. The next step might be to consider the possibility that all those expectations (including even ours) might need to be adjusted.

Maybe, just as with these illusions, we may not be seeing everything there is to see in this situation. The other points of view might be worth at least looking at.





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